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Shen Yun Review: Byron Harlan, former Fox affiliate news anchor

“Awesome, superior. I just loved it. I gotta tell you, I was actually choked up at the end because I thought about all the work and the dedication the artists put into this, and I thought, man oh man, what an achievement. So I was impressed. I just loved it... Everybody was in sync. It was as if everybody was dancing as one person, as one unit. And then some of the humorous elements I thought were just great, they were just great. It was just so well done. The costumes were fabulous. I loved the, my favorite was the water sleeves—I thought that was unbelievable. And, you know, to be able to handle the props so efficiently—they handled the props very very cleanly, very very efficiently—and that’s not easy to do. I mean, props, you know, are tricky and can be tough, but everything was smooth, without a hitch... I think it’s a great message. You know at the beginning, the narrator said that, the thought is that everybody comes from a divine place—what a great thought... It really raises the idea of humanity, it raises the idea of the individual, it raises the idea of the thought that people are divine, that everybody is created with this divinity. And I think that’s a terrific message!”

Byron Harlan, former Fox affiliate news anchor