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Review: Dannielle Gostling, British actress

“It was just so mesmerizing—the colors, the skill, the passion, everything. It wasn’t just the technical ability of the dancers, it was the emotions that they conveyed through their faces and their physicality, just transported you to another world, a world forgotten, and it was just incredible to experience... I thought that it was incredibly profound, and incredibly important, and the bravery that it takes for people to use their skill and their craft and their artistry to tell a message that’s so important... I’d like to say to the performers, I’ve never seen anything as incredible, every single dancer, every movement, every... I mean the choreography and the music and the composition, the whole thing was just magnificent, but it was an energy, it was something that was felt in my heart and my nervous system and that isn't... you can go and watch a show in the West End (London) and they’d all be like pirouetting and demi plie and triple pirouette, but [I would] not feel as connected as I felt watching this, so thank you. I’m eternally grateful.”

Dannielle Gostling, British actress