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A Gift from Heaven

IN ANCIENT TIMES, China was known as the Land of the Divine. People believed their culture was a gift from heaven, and sought harmony with the universe. We now invite you to visit this lost civilization. To make our journey possible, we have pushed the boundaries of performing arts. You will be instantly transported to another world and witness ancient legends come to life. With classical Chinese dance, brilliant costumes, breathtaking backdrops, and an enchanting orchestral sound—this is an experience like no other.

A Lost Treasure—You Cannot See in China

The traditional Chinese culture Shen Yun presents cannot be seen in any other show, or even in China. The Chinese communist regime sees this heritage as a threat to its power and for decades has tried to destroy it. It nearly succeeded.

But in 2006, a group of Chinese artists came together in New York with a mission—to let the world experience what Chinese culture was really like. They created Shen Yun and brought this majestic civilization back from the brink of extinction.

Wherever Shen Yun Goes Theaters Are Packed

Some people fly from other countries or drive hundreds of miles to see it. Others see the same show five or six times. Why? Many say there are no words to describe it—you have to see it with your own eyes.