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Daoyong Zheng

Principal Dancer


Born in: Taipei, Taiwan
With Shen Yun Since: 2008

Daoyong Zheng won first place (tied) in New Tang Dynasty Television’s 2014 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition (adult female division) after winning second place in 2012 and third place in 2010.  She previously took second place in the 2005 Taipei Dance Competition, and third place in the same competition in 2007. She received her training in classical Chinese dance at the New York-based Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and Fei Tian College.


Personally Speaking...

Meaning of Chinese name: If you write it yǒng zhèng dào (永正道), it means “forever on a righteous path.”
Born in: Taipei, Taiwan.
Languages: Mandarin, English, Chinglish, some Taiwanese.
Favorite tour country: Australia.
Make-up takes: 30 min.
Warm-up method: Stretch, then kick, then jump and flip about 25 minutes before the show.
Intermission activity: More stretching and clearing the mind.
Post-show wind-down: Sleep.
Favorite character to portray on stage: Lady general Mu Guiying.
Favorite prop: Spear (see Mu Guiying, above).
# of 2016 costumes: 13.
Most memorable audience reaction: Once, during Mystical Phoenix (2009), I was in the middle of performing a technique and was backing up when I saw a guy in the front row waving at me.
Travel day food: Salad. Or Ramen.
Hardest thing about tour: Keeping away from the really good food.
Favorite birthday dessert: Chinese fruit cake.
Favorite ethnic cuisine: Hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese restaurants.
Catch phrase: “My dear…”
Favorite shoes: Flip-flops, to give the dance-weary feet some air.
Movie genre: Superheroes, like Avengers.
Favorite Chinese historical figure: Wei Qing, a general from the Han Dynasty, because he was very humble even though he had great power.
As a kid, wanted to be when grown up: A dancer.

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